The TEAM-X Incubator – from your idea to prototype!

You have a digital solution for a problem in the fields of medicine, care, diagnostics or similar? Submit your idea to be supported by us in its implementation.
Let's solve real problems together!

What is the TEAM-X Incubator?

The TEAM-X Incubator is a program that allows us to work together to solve your real-world, everyday healthcare problems.
Therefore we are looking for innovative approaches to solutions that can be applied in the following areas:

Medical care / treatment / diagnostics,
Administrative processes,

At the end of our program, we want to have a digital product that is still minimalistic but ready for use, with which the first steps can be taken towards application in practice. Such a product can, for example, be a prototype that can be tested in everyday clinical practice.

The Incubator is a perfect fit for you if ...

... you have an innovative idea to solve a problem in the areas mentioned above.

... your idea addresses problems that have been neglected or ignored and that pose a challenge to end users (patients and healthcare workers).

... you want to be actively involved in the solution and create awareness in society about the problem you have identified.

... youare motivated to invest time (at least 5 hours per week) and passion in the implementation of your solution and maybe even start the startup adventure.

The application phase has ended.

The application phase for the Team-X Incubator ends on 07.02.2024


What do we offer you?

Support in the structured implementation of your idea

Cooperation with experts from different industries and the TEAM-X team

Advice on topics such as business model development, funding opportunities and market analysis

Support in the creation of design templates for user interfaces or prototypes

Your idea and your solution to an existing problem are the focus of our joint work. We create a safe framework for you in which we can implement, test and further develop your idea.

In collaboration with the teams of CodeCamp:N and Medical Valley EMN e.V., you will receive support from business model development to building a prototype (the first transformation of the idea into an applicable product). We have extensive expertise that we would like to share with you. This leads to a close cooperation in which you will actively participate in shaping and deciding.

What is the procedure?

Who are we?

We believe that a successful team must be an interdisciplinary team. That's why we bring expertise in product development, healthcare, software development, and regulatory issues.

The TEAM-X Incubator is a project led by the Institute of Radiology at Erlangen University Hospital aspart of the TEAM-X Consortium. Contact persons for the TEAM-X incubator at the Institute of Radiology are Judith, Sarah, Tobit and Hannes – reachable via email:

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"Having worked on various products in the field of digital health at CodeCamp:N over the past few years, I am very much looking forward to working on new solutions together with experts. I am excited to see what ideas the teams come up with and look forward to supporting them with my technical expertise."

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"In my role as an innovation coach in the TEAM-X incubator program, I can perfectly combine my enthusiasm for technology and start-up experience. Together we will test and constantly improve your ideas."

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"The team looks back on a successful time at TEAM-X Incubator. Thanks to good contacts with potential customers, we were able to do a lot of validation work. Enormously helpful was the variance of support options around IT architecture and design, which led to good food for thought as well as a new click dummy."

Marius from dehaze – digital marketplace for medical AIs

"Compared to financial grants for a startup, here the support comes immediately after the start of the innovation phase from subject matter experts, which allows us to directly work through and advance our current issues, tasks and developments. Our various subject matter experts display a high level of motivation and expertise, so it's really fun to work with them as a team!"

Nico from Curie Science Center – CancerHealthMonitor

"The Team-X Incubator has not only provided us with valuable insight and resources, but also takes an individualized approach to Medigital's needs and progress. It's a place where ideas thrive and potential for success is realized. It's been a great experience for our team."

Max, Paul & Tobias from Medigital

"Our participation in the Team-X incubator program was extremely beneficial. As a team from the university hospital, we benefited especially in setting up the business case and through the additional technical experience. The program also helped us find a better unique selling proposition for our project."

Andrzej & Kathi from MedScan Hub // UKER

"Our team brings a high level of expertise in terms of medical issues and conducting clinical trials to test new technologies, but lacks technical expertise as far as developing an app is concerned, as well as experience in setting up a good business. Exactly these knowledge gaps could be filled by appropriately selected experts."

Hanna & Katha from Digitaler Patientenlotse // UKER

Apply now with your idea!

Download and fill out the application form. Once you are ready, send us the document as a PDF to If you need help filling out the application form, you can download an example here. We are looking forward to receive your application!